Watch Mariah Carey Werque And Hair Flip In Her 'Almost Home' Video Preview

Mariah Carey takes us to Oz in her latest release, "Almost Home," from the upcoming film "Oz: The Great And Powerful."

Mariah Carey hair flips her way toward "Oz" in her "Almost Home" video preview.

We've already introduced you to Mariah Carey's dramatic new jam "Almost Home," which is slated to appear in the forthcoming Disney film "Oz: The Great And Powerful." And now, only a day later, we're bringing you a sneak peek of Mimi's accompanying music video! How is this possible, you ask? Why, just call us Oz, The Great And Powerful! Er, well, maybe it's more appropriate to call Mariah Carey "Oz" in this case. Or maybe "Glinda." Either one.

Watch a preview of Mariah Carey's "Almost Home" video after the jump.

Earlier today, "Good Morning America" aired a preview of the "American Idol" judge's new video, and from what we can tell, it's trademark, dramatic "my hair is so stunning as it flows in the breeze of a wind machine" Mimi! Interlaced between colorful scenes from the actual movie, a black-and-white (sepia-toned Kansas ref?) Mariah stands in a ball gown (natch) as she belts out the tune. Although we haven't seen the video in full yet, we're pretty sure that not much else goes down aside from the gown and the wind machine. But then again, what else do you really need? Just sit back and bask in the glory of Mariah's epic diva-osity. Seriously though, try it... her hair is ACTUALLY MESMERIZING.

+ Watch a preview of Mariah Carey's "Almost Home" video.

Photo credit: Disney

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