Selena Gomez Channels Bestie Taylor Swift's Cleavage In A Show Of Single Girl Solidarity (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the queens of cleavage!

Selena and Taylor: Cleavage Twins!

Here's the thing about cleavage: If you're in a relationship, rocking massive amounts of "Deep V"-style cleavage says, "Look at what you're missing, all other men! See how lucky my boyfriend is that he gets to see this cleavage without any clothes on?" But if you're newly single, rocking massive amounts of "Deep V"-style cleavage says, "Remember how dumb you were to break up with me? Because you're never ever gonna get to see this again, ever." So it would stand to reason that a newly single Selena Gomez would take after her own newly single, Deep V-loving bestie Taylor Swift by rocking a SUPER deep V to the Germany premiere of "Spring Breakers." (True, Taylor Swift wore the above cleavagey white suit BEFORE her breakup with Harry Styles, but maybe you've noticed that her boobs have been out more than in since the split.) Now, Selena's taking a page out of Taylor's Haylor breakup book by sending the exact same message to her ex: "BIG MISTAKE. HUGE."

Taylor and Selena have been besties for a minute, so it makes sense that both gals know each other's deepest, darkest secrets, especially when it comes to men! Perhaps they made a "Deep V cleavage" pact in an effort to simultaneously stop the hearts of all single men worldwide? Or, maybe it was just a "we're besties and sometimes dress the same!" coincidence. Either way, Taylor and Selena are now the official queens of cleavage, and we have a feeling that they won't have any trouble finding a pair of hot, rich, million-pack boyfs. Bonus points if they can date friends and/or brothers! Or royalty... because that would be SWEET. Also, their Halloween costumes are already set.

Photo credit: Getty Images