Video Premiere: Stone Cold Fox, 'Seventeen'

Watch Stone Cold Fox's "Seventeen" video.

Stone Cold Fox get through a bad breakup in their "Seventeen" video.

It's been a while since we've had our hearts broken (*knocks on wood* *gives SO foot rub* *makes complicated dinner*), but it's impossible to forget how it feels. And it only takes one look at Stone Cold Fox's "Seventeen" video to remember our own tears, (unreturned) texts, and hours of Facebook stalking (we mean... uh... what?) as Fox frontman Kevin Olken Henthokrn lays dazed in a pile of beer cans, food, blow-up dolls, and meds after splitting up with his girlfriend. (Well, we wouldn't know anything about the blow-up dolls, never having been there, but everyone deals with </3 on their own terms.)

Watch Stone Cold Fox's "Seventeen" video after the jump.

"I know the guys you're dreaming of," Kevin sings on "Seventeen," the Brooklyn outfit's first track since last year's The Young EP. "And I know they don't know how to love." And like the good bros they are, Kevin's bandmates try to rouse him from his emotional stasis by dressing up in goofy costumes, smashing beer bottles over their head, ripping up the cherished photo of his ex, and putting him through "A Clockwork Orange"-style reprogramming. All pretty good friend moves, sure, but it's not until a magical team of hipster cheerleaders show up that things take a turn for the better.

That's pretty much always the case when it comes to heartbreak, isn't it? It's not until you remember that there are other good things out there in the world -- other glasses-wearing cuties, your best friends, your music -- that you can stop focusing on one particular thing that used to be good, but isn't anymore. It's a lesson that gets easier to learn as times goes on -- "I was a boy back then, but now I'm broke in two," Olken Henthorn sings, reflecting back on being 17. Not forever, though.

"We filmed "Seventeen" in a remote house outside of Saratoga Springs," Olken Henthorn, who wrote, directed, and edited the video, explained over email. "We shot it with a small group of 20 incredibly talented friends and colleagues. The shoot spanned three-and-a-half days of early call times, back-to-back set changes, and endless confetti cleaning. We wanted the video to tell a different story instead of mirroring the narrative of the song, so the video picks up where the lyrics end. It was an absolute blast making the video, and we are excited to share it with everyone."

+ Watch Stone Cold Fox's "Seventeen" video.

Photo credit: Filipp Kotsishevskiy