It’s Rihanna’s 25th Birthday! Here’s 25 GIFs Of Rihanna Giving No F***s!

It’s Rihanna’s 25th birthday! PARTY!!!

Today is a B-I-G day in Buzzworthy world, and here’s why: It’s Rihanna’s 25th birthday!! That’s right, our favorite Unapologetic songstress is officially a quarter-of-a-century old. (Which sounds sort of old when you say it that way, except that IT’S NOT.) And we have so much Rihanna stuff to be thankful for on this day, like the beyond gorgeous “Stay,” its accompanying sad bathtub video (please don’t spend the day in there, Ri), her River Island clothing collection, her bodacious bo-day, her bodacious body in a sexy bikini, her bodacious body SANS sexy bikini, and basically EVERYTHING that happened in 2012. Heck, we’ll even look past her maybe-sort of on-again-off-again… thing with Chris Brown AND all those pot pics! Because it is HER day.

So, Rihanna, take a big ol’ bite of “Birthday Cake,” pour the champagne, dust off your shoulders, and celebrate yo’ LIFE!! And let us help celebrate your 25th birthday with 25 GIFs of you giving absolutely no f***s!

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GIFs courtesy of T. Kyle / @tkylemac from the RealityTVGIFs Blog