New Video: Cloud Cult, 'Good Friend'

Meet Cloud Cult's new furry friend.

Cloud Cult's "Good Friend" begins with the sounds of partying, but the Minnesota band's video for the song opens cooler and calmer. A kid plays alone in a snow-covered park, playing tic-tac-toe against himself -- been there, broseph. Luckily, Lonely Boy avoids a life of "Angry Birds Star Wars" and finds his "good, good friend": a woolly, bug-eyed monster with excellent sword-fighting skills. The dynamic duo takes a page from "Where the Wild Things Are," starting up a food fight and getting totally busted, dealing with squabbling parents and spreading a big-hearted message. If throwing cafeteria pasta with a 6-foot muppet is wrong, we don't wanna be right.

Watch Cloud Cult's "Good Friend" video after the jump.

Mr. Monster's imaginary, of course, but our hero's story comes to a happy, spaghetti-free conclusion, with Cloud Cult braving the weather to go for a quick playground spin themselves. The indie ensemble will spread more positive vibes on their ninth album, Love, which lands March 5. With tracks such as "It's Your Decision" and "You're the Only Thing in Your Way," the 13-track set looks more inspirational than an Oprah-Beyoncé interview. If February's got you freezing through your fur, warm up now with the band's first feature-length documentary, "Cloud Cult: No One Said It Would Be Easy," which just debuted online.

+ Watch Cloud Cult's "Good Friend" video.

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Photo credit: Cody York