New Song: Mariah Carey, 'Almost Home'

Mariah Carey takes us to Oz in her latest release, "Almost Home," from the upcoming film "Oz: The Great And Powerful."

Mariah Carey heads to "Oz" on her new track, "Almost Home."

It's not Mariah Carey's first time at the movie soundtrack rodeo (um, HELLO, remember her Whitney Houston-assisted "When You Believe" from "The Prince Of Egypt"?). Only this time, Mariah has taken on the epic, soaring anthem "Almost Home," which will appear in the forthcoming Disney film "Oz: The Great And Powerful" (starring James Franco as "Oz," as opposed to James Franco as Justin Bieber). Co-written by a troupe of writers including Mariah herself (#hairflip) and pop singer Lindsey Ray, "Almost Home" boasts some superslick pop/R&B vibes courtesy of production duo Stargate. We're already sold!

Listen to Mariah Carey's "Almost Home" after the jump.

As you might expect, Mariah's wispy, R&B-tinged (and essentially PERFECT) vocals rise above the synth-laden pop beat while she sings about everyone's favorite ruby slipper-wearing heroine (and forever our Halloween costume!), Dorothy. "When you're almost there/ And you're almost home/ Just open up your eyes and go/ When you're almost there/ Almost home/ Know you're not alone/ You're almost home," Mariah coos.

"Almost Home" is Mariah's first single since "Triumphant," and you better believe we're digging on it. Mariah's booming voice has always felt tailor-made for big-budget, family-friendly motion pictures, and "Almost Home" is the ideal canvas for Mariah to prove she's still a total boss in the vocal department. Also, not sure who to speak to about this, but can we get the girl a cameo in the actual movie?! Because Mariah's got "good witch" written all over her, amirite?

Listen to Mariah Carey's "Almost Home."

Photo credit: Disney