New Song: Allison Weiss, 'Nothing Left'

Listen to Allison Weiss' new song "Nothing Left."

Allison Weiss laments a dying relationship in her new track, "Nothing Left."

Brooklyn's Allison Weiss has a LOT of feelings. But she has zero problem telling you about them -- it's kind of her thing. And we have zero problem hearing about them (which is kind of saying something, because Allison is hardly the first Brooklyn musician to sing songs about feelings). But seriously, we wish every musician was so eloquent in their delivery. On Allison's new song, "Nothing Left," off of her upcoming debut, Say What You Mean, we're instantly reminded of Jenny Lewis' heartfelt vulnerability, Candy Hearts' hooky delivery, and the entire Weakerthans catalog. (We warned you about the #feelings.)

Listen to Allison Weiss' "Nothing Left" after the jump.

Opening to a bouncy, percussion-driven melody, Allison laments -- what else? -- a relationship gone sour: "It's not what I want anymore/ fighting the feelings in my mind/ trying to see it from your side." And in the truest indie-pop-bordering-on-emo fashion, Allison's boo-hooing is not only instantly relatable, but it's just the pop ballad to fill that hole in our heart ever since Rilo Kiley broke up. "Nothing Left" may be a lyrical sobfest, but the heart and energy behind it make it a must for anyone's "sad/angry-emo at the gym" mix. (This one's a calorie-burner... we can feel it.)

Grab Say What You Mean when it drops April 16 on No Sleep Records, then catch Allison Weiss on tour with Candy Hearts this March.

+ Listen to Allison Weiss' "Nothing Left."

Photo credit: No Sleep Records