Song Premiere: Tay Dizm Featuring Young Cash, 'Club Pack'

Check out Tay Dizm Featuring Young Cash, 'Club Pack.'

Tay Dizm's "Club Pack" will have you up in da clurrrb in no time!

Meet Miami's Tay Dizm! He's T-Pain's BFFAE, and you're gonna want to get to know him before he blows up, which we predict should happen within the next 36 hours, give or take. Cementing their bestie status, Tay's appeared on two of T's albums so far: 2005's Rappa Ternt Sanga and 2007's Epiphany. You might also recognize Tay from his 2008 debut single "Beam Me Up," which featured T-Pain and Rick Ross, or perhaps you'll simply recall Tay's mug from his second single, "Dream Girl," featuring Akon. Cut to present day: Tay Dizm is the first artist to sign to T-Pain's brand-new venture, Nappy Boy Digital, and has just unveiled his Young Cash-assisted jam, "Club Pack."

Listen to Tay Dizm's 'Club Pack' featuring Young Cash after the jump.

A total smash with "Rack City" vibes and a "Teach Me How To Dougie" undertone, "Club Pack" is set to a grimy, synth-laden beat that is, as the title indicates, totally up in da clurrrb-ready. We're still not tooooootally sure what a "club pack" actually is (we initially thought it was like a "stuck in the club!" emergency kit with mints and Tylenol and an extra pair of stockings), but it's probably something wayyyyy cooler we don't even know about. Like a six-pack of beer. Or a group of club-going friends. Or a sleeping bag. Or a parachute. Because clearly Tay Dizm isn't singing about an extra pair of black control top tights, you know?

Listen to Tay Dizm's 'Club Pack' featuring Young Cash.

Photo credit: Nappy Boy Digital

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