Star Spotting: Harry Styles Baked 'Comic Relief' Cupcakes, Because He Is THAT Sweet (PHOTO)

Harry Styles whips up cupcakes for the Red Nose charity event for Comic Relief.

Harry Styles baked cupcakes for Comic Relief! Step aside, "Cake Boss."

Some pop stars inspire fans to scream, sob, and swoon (sometimes all at once), and then there's One Direction's Harry Styles, who not only has the aforementioned abilities, but THE MAN CAN ALSO BAKE! So let's just take a moment to reflect here: Harry has perfect hair, voice, smile, fashion taste, GIF presence, AND can whip up a batch of sugary treats?! Let's face it, guys: Some people are just born average, while the very lucky few are born with flawlessly evolved boy band genes and will forever win at everything.

The "Kiss You" singer was snapped showing off his cupcake artistry in a photo posted on Facebook along with the caption "Hey 1DFamily! What are you all doing today? Harry is baking cakes to support Comic Relief: Red Nose Day!" That's right, Harry didn't just wear a red nose and help sing an epic cover of Blondie's "One Way Or Another." He also rolled up his sleeves (Literally! Which also happens to show off the bloke's sculpted arms --  AMEN!) to whip up some delicious desserts for the cause! So now we know that if this whole famous pop star thing doesn't work out for Harry, he could easily open a bakery. Then we could visit him drool over our two favorite things: delicious desserts and delicious hunks.

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook