The Jonas Brothers Rock An Abandoned Football Field In Their New 'Pom Poms' Video (PHOTOS)

The Jonas Brothers film on a football field for their latest video, "Pom Poms."

And now, here is visual proof of new Jonas Brothers music!

We've been paying very close attention to the Jonas Brothers lately because, well, THEIR FACES, but also because they've finally confirmed their new album is done! And judging by the above picture of the three JoBros giving a full-scale performance on an abandoned football field, wearing adorable outfits, and generally living their #bestlife, we have a feeling the boys are in fact FILMING A NEW MUSIC VIDEO for their upcoming track "Pom Poms," only further confirming our dreams of new JoBro tuneage!

Check out more photos of the Jonas Brothers filming their "Pom Poms" video after the jump.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin were snapped yesterday shooting what is reported to be their "Pom Poms" video. Although we can't say what the video's plot will be just yet, we can tell you that the boys filmed their video on an abandoned football field in Louisiana with cheerleaders AND a marching band. Huh, we detect some school spirit going on here. What else are they going to bring in, maybe a mascot?? A homecoming king/queen? (You KNOW that was Danielle Jonas back in the day -- and she IS the queen of New York Fashion Week!) Maybe Taylor Swift in gawky glasses? (Maybe not -- we sorta doubt she and Joe are on speaking terms.) Anyway, the boys' new single is expected to arrive in the spring, and since today is the first day in a while that we don't feel our noses freezing off, we have a feeling that's just around the corner! REJOICE.


Photo credit: Pacific Coast News