Selena Gomez Redefines Dazzling, Stunning And Slaying At The 'Spring Breakers' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez walks the "Spring Breakers" red carpet.

Selena Gomez dazzles in a bright blue mini-dress on the "Spring Breakers" red carpet.

We don't like to brag, but we kind of like to think we have pop star ESP. As in, we can totally predict when someone's stock is about to go THROUGH THE ROOF. Like, take Selena Gomez for example. Sure, she's always been kind of a pop culture darling, what with "The Wizards of Waverly Place," songs like "Love You Like A Love Song" and "Hit The Lights," AND being besties with Taylor Swift, but now that she's all grown up and starring in the sexy new thriller "Spring Breakers," we have a feeling our favorite baby-faced actor/singer/dancer's new bad girl persona is gonna be the ONLY thing anyone's talking about... and SOON. Just look at this "Spring Breakers" premiere red carpet photo: Selena looks gorgeous, confident, and most importantly, all grown up. (And if you're still not convinced, just look at her latest "Spring Breakers" movie poster, K?)

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Snapped walking down the "Spring Breakers" red carpet with fellow cast members Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine, Selena displayed some subtle sideboob at the Paris premiere (as opposed to her cast mates, who displayed some slightly-less-subtle sideboob). And we are SO PROUD. First, Selena cements her confident single womanhood after breaking up with Justin Bieber (we're getting over it...slowly), she's got a brand-new album in the works, she's shown up on the Golden Globes red carpet with Josh Hutcherson, she's gone out with director Alfredo Flores (but don't worry -- she was her own Valentine this year), and now she's starring as a bona fide gangster alongside... James Franco (well, nobody's perfect). Yeah, let's everybody say it together: BEST child-to-adult-actor transition EVER.

The cast of "Spring Breakers" walks the red carpet.

The "Spring Breakers" cast pose together at their Paris premiere.

+ Watch the "Spring Breakers" movie trailer, and check it out when it opens March 22 in New York and Los Angeles, and nationwide on March 29.

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