Star Spotting: Rihanna Casually Models Her Abs And River Island Collection By The Pool (PHOTO)

Rihanna lounges by the pool in one of her new pieces from her River Island collection.

Um, do Rihanna's abs come with that crop top?

We know you guys are devoted members of the Rihanna #Navy, which obviously means you've already checked out Rihanna's ENTIRE River Island collection, loved it, and have plans to be one of those crazy people lined up in front of a store in sleeping bags at 4:30 a.m. on March 5 when it debuts. Also, US TOO! Meet you there, bbs.

For reasons we cannot totally understand, the "Stay" singer hired models to show off her new line (BUT WHY?? Why hire models when YOU'RE AS GORG AS ONE YOURSELF?). But just because Rihanna hired models doesn't mean she can't snap some model-quality Instagram selfies of HERSELF rocking the summery collection, right? (That's totally her right as a designer, isn't it? Plus, talk about effective advertising!) For example, look at the above photo. Ri's just lounging by the pool, sunning her six-pack, yet she's casually and subtlety introducing us to one of her favorite River Island pieces. She tweeted, I know you want my cropped knot tank #RIHforRiverIsland." And as luck would have it, WE DO WANT IT! And a bunch of other stuff from her line, like this amazing jeans-overall crop top. Also, Ri, we're a size 6 (OK, we lied... we're totally an 8) if you wanna send over a few pieces for us to, ya know, "test out." We'd be more than happy to Instagram it to our 259 followers!

Photo credit: @badgalriri