Video Premiere: Night Riots, 'Spiders'

Get the first taste of California rockers PK's transformation into Night Riots.

PK is back with a new name: Night Riots.

If California rockers Night Riots sound familiar to you, it's probably because you've been jamming to the band's The Lost Boys Sessions since they were called PK. One name change later, the quintet's embraced a spookier, synthesizer-based sound on "Spiders," their first track under the new moniker, and singer Travis Hawley still commands the music with Brandon Flowers-esque confidence. "We will march on, into the night," he encourages over ghostly backing vocals, "Don't let up, don't fade away." The band didn't forget their electric guitars, which chime in brightly on the second verse -- though it seems their vintage lightbulb days are behind them.

Watch Night Riots' "Spiders" vignette video after the jump.

The group's marked their rebirth with a surreal new teaser video. We open to a close-up of a woman mouthing the words as scattered found footage splices between hi-def cloudy skies and a lone lady, back turned, running through the snow. Among the evocative images, a doomsday timer counts up toward 999 (while they were tossing new names around, maybe the guys should've called themselves LOST). Feeling the suspense yet? This is just the beginning -- Night Riots' first season is still to come.

+ Watch Night Riots' "Spiders" vignette video.

Photo credit: Richard Fusillo