New Song: Theophilus London Featuring Trouble Andrew, 'Snow Angel' (NSFW)

Listen to Theophilus London's "Snow Angel."

Theophilus London teams up with Trouble Andrew on "Snow Angel."

We're 100 hundred percent tired of winter over here (it's just all gray skies and seasonal affective disorder after New Year's Eve!), but genre-bending Brooklynite Theophilus London isn't quite done with the darker months yet. After working with practically every artist in the book (think: TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara, Glasser, and Solange), the stylish MC has teamed up with Trouble Andrew for a chilling new track, "Snow Angel," which is set to appear on his upcoming album (ironically coming out this summer).

Listen to Theophilus London featuring Trouble Andrew's "Snow Angel" after the jump.

Heavily sampling Radiohead's eerie "Everything In Its Right Place," Theophilus' new track sounds just about as ominous as a report of an oncoming snowpocalypse. As Trouble Andrew takes care of the hook, softly repeating "Snow Angel" over and over, Theophilus defensively spits about the usual suspects: women, money, drugs ("snow" sounds a tad symbolic, guys), guns, alcohol, guys coming after him... you know, the stuff winter gloom is made of. "Don't f*** with trouble, that's my cousin, he got the semi/ Protect your neck, protect your set/ Protect your b****, protect your checks." Well, we can't say for sure who's actually after Theophilus, but judging by the lyrics, we'd be fools to cross him. Which is why we're just gonna thaw out for a bit, pretend it's summer, and think about Theophilus looking like THIS.

+ Listen to Theophilus London featuring Trouble Andrew's "Snow Angel" (NSFW).

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