New Video: Wild Nothing, 'Only Heather'

Watch Wild Nothing's "Only Heather" video.

Wild Nothing had a rough Valentine's Day, judging by their "Only Heather" video.

Hey, who likes metaphors? Virginia dream-pop outfit Wild Nothing certainly seem to in their new "Only Heather" video, the latest single from their sophomore album, Nocturne. Because when you see a guy walking down the street with a giant sword stuck in his chest, the metaphor conclusion seems an obvious one. Well, either that, or Jack Tatum is so obsessed with "Game Of Thrones" (he has admitted to being a superfan) that he decided to urbanize it and make everyone feel a little bit like they were sorry they ate lunch today.

Watch Wild Nothing's "Only Heather" video after the jump.

Shot in one, long, agonizing take, "Only Heather" stars actor James Downing as our pierced protagonist. As he wanders down the street with a giant blade shoved through his chest, James passes plenty of other pedestrians, but no one offers to call help/call 911/make a tourniquet (don't you hate New York sometimes?). James manages to drag himself a bit further down the block as Wild Nothing's shy, synth-hazed melody rolls on, but he finally succumbs to his injuries and collapses in the street (in front of a car, no less -- this is not his day). Well, either this guy is enormously depressed or some girl's just done to his heart what the Lannisters did to Ned Stark (nerd time)! Either way, this is hardly the ideal way to spend the day after Valentine's Day.

+ Watch Wild Nothing's "Only Heather" video.

Photo credit: Captured Tracks