Vin Diesel Sings Rihanna's 'Stay' For Valentine's Day, And It's The PERFECT Gift No One Asked For (VIDEO)

Vin Diesel gives his own unique and heartfelt version of Rihanna's "Stay."

The "Fast And Furious" star is apparently a big Rihanna fan.

Vin Diesel is generally seen as the strong, silent, extremely manly type. With his big, brawny body, gravely baritone, and starring roles in action films like "The Chronicles of Riddick" and the "The Fast And The Furious" series, we wouldn't exactly peg him as a Rihanna fan, you know? Well, apparently we were wrong, because Vin has actually released a Valentine's Day-themed video of himself karaoke-singing to Rihanna's "Stay." Yep, Vin loves Rihanna's music and HE DOESN'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. Hey Vin, wanna listen to some Whitesnake or Creed next? HELL NO! Vin just wants to hear Unapologetic. Who would've thought that underneath all that sinew lay an undiscovered pop star? Hey, we're not judging -- if Rihanna can be in big-budget blockbusters like "Battleship" AND sing, why can't Vin?!

Watch Vin Diesel sing Rihanna's "Stay" after the jump.

Queuing up footage of Rihanna in the bath, Vin opens with, "Happy V-Day Amore, Happy V-Day Familia," before launching into "Stay." And sure, there are a lot of brilliant things to say about this clip, but the best has to be that Vin is seriously NOT joking around. Rihanna's song has officially cleared out the testosterone cobwebs, making Vin sing his heart out without a trace of irony. He even hits the high notes in a falsetto! After seeing this, we can only draw two conclusions: 1) Karaoke parties at the Diesel house are probably the BEST time ever, and 2) Never judge a book by its bald, bulging, muscle-bound cover. We'll never misjudge you again, Vin.

+ Watch Vin Diesel sing Rihanna's "Stay."

Photo credit: Vin Diesel/YouTube