Mariah Carey Takes A Luxurious Bubble Bath With Her Dog (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey relaxes in the tub... with her dog?!

If you've ever wondered what Mariah Carey's bathtime looks like (PG-only visuals here, mmmkay), here's the official image! And it's exactly as luxurious and Mariah Carey-like as you would expect: fancy candles NOT from CVS, a gigantic tub, soothing bubbles, champagne, and, oh, A DOG. Yes, the same dog Mimi brought on stage with her also got an all-access bath pass with the diva. And while we're generally all about sharing life's joys with a pet, we're not exactly sure how we feel about sharing bath water with them.

Posting her bathtub photo on Twitter with the caption "Aaaah! Jill E Beans leaps to the tub In hopes of a splash champagne - whhhhhy?!," the "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" singer was snapped happily holding her dog up above the bathwater (wet dogs = smelly)! (Miley Cyrus struck a similar pose yesterday -- it's our job to remember these things.) And while you're probably much more at ease knowing that Mariah doesn't normally take baths with pets, we're just going to fixate on the fact that her dog was actually heading in for the champagne! So does that mean that Jill E Bean usually drinks fancy (and probs SUPER expensive) bubbly?! Is it normal for celebrity pooches to get hooch? We've said it before, and we'll say it again: PLEASE LET OUR NEXT LIFE BE THE PET OF A FAMOUS PERSON (even as a ferret -- and that's saying a lot).

Photo credit: @Mariahcarey