Beyoncé Looks Classic, Natural, And Generally Perfect On Her Gentlewoman Magazine Cover (PHOTOS)

Beyonce covers The Gentlewoman Magazine.

Beyonce goes clean-cut on the cover of The Gentlewoman magazine.

We decided a long time ago that Beyoncé, Queen Of Everything, is basically incapable of doing wrong. Let's discuss! Right now the artist formerly known as Sasha Fierce is on top of the world after basically breaking the Super Bowl with her halftime show performance (not confirmed, but whatever), her HBO documentary, "Life Is But A Dream," airs tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET, the Destiny's Child reunion is OFFICIALLY under way, and we're not even gonna go into her upcoming album, marriage to Jay-Z, and baby Blue Ivy. Because we only have so much time/space. But you know what we love most about Bey? It's her ability to get totally glammed up one day (like in Vogue), then go totally natural and chic the next day, like she is on the Spring/Summer 2013 cover of The Gentlewoman magazine.

Check out more photos of Beyonce's The Gentlewoman magazine spread.

Photographed in black-and-white by Alasdair McLellan, Beyoncé looks the very picture of elegant and relaxed in minimal makeup, a low-slung ponytail, and a series of clean, figure-hugging outfits. Queen B recently posted the entire Gentlewoman spread on her Tumblr (which is also splattered with "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" photos). We know B's on something of an "honest" kick right now what with her documentary, "Oprah" interview, and New York Magazine feature, and now this simple-clean photo set is just the icing on Beyoncé's "bare-it-all" cake. Listen, don't be afraid to tell us more, B! Like, maybe your breakfast/workout/makeup routine?! We're listening.

Beyonce's Gentlewoman magazine spread

Beyonce on Gentlewoman Magazine

Beyonce in Gentlewomen magazine.

Photo credit: Tumblr/The Gentlewoman magazine