New Song: Usher, 'Go Missin''


Usher teams with Diplo again on his brand-new song, "Go Missin'"

If it ain't broke (and everyone is OBSESSED WITH IT), then don't you dare fix it! We're of course referring to Usher and producer Diplo's outstandingly successful musical relationship: Last year, the duo's initial collab, "Climax," won Usher a Grammy for Best R&B Performance AND went on to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Now, exactly one year after revealing "Climax" on Valentine's Day 2012, the "chemistry"-filled duo is at it again, this time with a new track, "Go Missin'." (Also released on Valentine's Day -- those guys are such romantics!)

Listen to Usher's "Go Missin'" after the jump.

Usher tweeted: "You loved what I gave you last Valentine's #Climax, so here is. 'Special delivery from the cloud' Happy Valentine's Day!" You know what? THANK YOU! We accept this very generous gift of behalf of single ladies everywhere who only received a stale chocolate Valentine's Day heart form their father. (And there I go again, projecting.)

Set to a sparse, weird, and totally Diplo-esque beat, "Go Missin'" is the perfect canvas to showcase Usher's signature panty-dropping falsetto. (And also probably his abs when the video comes out, but that's for another time.) As the synth-laden, syncopated beat drives on, Usher croons, "Go missin'/ Baby ain't nobody gotta know." Nope, no they don't. Does this jam sound at all like Usher? Not quite, but that's why we're all about it. Way to push those sonic boundaries, bb!

+ Listen to Usher's "Go Missin'."

Photo credit: LaFace