New Video: Fake Problems, 'Small Devil Song' (Acoustic)

Watch Fake Problems' Chris Farren go unplugged for an outdoor performance of

Mo' parks, mo' Fake Problems.

Sunny afternoon, park bench, dude with a guitar -- doesn't sound like a problem to us. For his unplugged performance of "Small Devil Song," Fake Problems' Chris Farren pulls the song back from careening punk to an energetic one-man take. The new track's out alongside another fresh Fake Problems song and two from Orlando rockers You Blew It! on the Florida Doesn't Suck split 7", which landed last week. (We've never been, so we're gonna take their word for it.) "Small Devil Song" would've been a campfire hit during our camp counselor days, though it would've taken us all summer to master Farren's pinpoint ax work.

Watch Fake Problems' acoustic "Small Devil Song" video after the jump.

"I am powerful/ so much more than you," Chris Farren sings over chiming chords, and Fake Problems' own Derek Perry flexed his production muscles on the EP, handling three of the four tracks. Beyond that, the band's been dropping hints of a new album and playing the occasional tour date. Farren just played an acoustic set in the band's hometown of Naples, so continuing on this theme, maybe there's a Fake Problems "Parks and Recreation" tour in the works yet. They could totally get Mouse Rat to open.

+ Watch Fake Problems' acoustic "Small Devil Song" video.

Photo credit: Light & Noise