Mindless Behavior Reveal Weird Dreams, Weird Things They've Eaten & Their Rihanna Crush On MTV.com's Valentine's Livestream (VIDEOS)

Mindless Behavior answer fan questions during our "Valentine's Day Live With Mindless Behavior."

Mindless Behavior answer MTV News' Christina Garibaldi's toughest questions during "Valentine's Day LIVE With Mindless Behavior."

Who knew that Mindless Behavior were such open books?! Today during our "Valentine's Day Live With Mindless Behavior" livestream, we learned a lot about the incredibly talented group. We learned that Ray Ray is a MAJOR snorer, Roc Royal has eaten turtle and iguana before (seriously -- watch the video), Princeton is a total neat freak, and ALL members of the group have a crush on Rihanna (who doesn't, guys?). Oh and you know, they talked about their next album, All Around The World, dropping March 12: The guys shared their favorite tracks (Ray Ray and Prodigy are both fond of "Video") and how they want to start a "teen revolution" with this new record.

Watch MTV.com's "Valentine's Day Live With Mindless Behavior" videos after the jump.

In addition to answering #TeamMindless questions from Twitter and from the lucky ladies freaking out in the audience (can you blame them?), the guys also performed "Keep Her On The Low" and "All Around The World." After their show-stopping performances, the guys revealed an exclusive clip of their documentary, "Mindless Behavior: All Around The World," which hits theaters March 15. In the exclusive clip, the boys visit Michael Jackson's childhood home and stand simply in awe of the King of Pop's old stomping grounds.

We were SO happy (and lucky -- #notevenhumblebragging) to spend Valentine's Day with Mindless, and answer hilarious questions from their most dedicated fans. (Seriously? Sandwich shoes?!) We'll have to send them a huge gift a massive box of assorted chocolates something! Hopefully Mindless will enjoy it before it gets shipped off to their fan gift warehouse back home.

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Photo credit: MTV/Michele Crowe