New Video: Lana Del Rey: 'Burning Desire'

Watch Lana Del Rey's "Burning Desire" video.

Lana Del Rey is up to her old-school tricks in again in her "Burning Desire" video.

Let's all gather round the family room for a game of Lana Del Rey bingo, shall we? Lana's new "Burning Desire" video (a bonus track off of Born to Die: Paradise Edition) has everything we've come to know and love about the internet's internettiest crooner and world's coolest babysitter: big lips, big nails, big eyelashes, slinky dresses, '60s haircuts... you get the idea. Only this time, Lana's name-dropping California locales and dreaming of fast cars... or men -- either formula works.

Watch Lana Del Rey's "Burning Desire" video after the jump.

So, how many bingo points can you score? The video was shot in London, not California surprisingly, at an old, historic theater called the Rivoli Ballroom -- the type of place perfectly suited to the singer's iconography. Let's see, what else? We've got heavy breathing, tragic romance theme, bright red floral imagery, California landmarks name-checked, reckless automotive shout-outs, old Hollywood imagery and cinematic glamour, some epic lipstick, and, like, a random car cruising down the highway that makes it all look like a commercial.

That's what it is, actually. The song, in addition to being released as a bonus track on her Paradise album, is also being used as the title track to a promotional film for Jaguar, called "Desire," starring Homeland's Damien Lewis (who knows a thing or two about the stuff from his scenes with Claire Danes, we're guessing) and Shannyn Sossamon. (!<3<3!)

"I'm driving fast, flash, everyone knows it. I'm trying to get to you baby and everyone knows it," Lana sings. Is she talking to a lover? A car? A movie theater? Maybe all three. That is some burning desire, indeed. Confusing desire, too. Sometimes they're the same thing.

+ Watch Lana Del Rey's "Burning Desire" video.

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