Tune In To 'Valentine's Day LIVE With Mindless Behavior' Live Online Today At 4 P.M. ET! (VIDEO)

We've had a pretty busy Valentine's Day so far, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon (seriously, we're currently sitting atop a pile of chocolate boxes, single red roses, Sweetheart candies, and stuffed bears). And here's the best part of the day: We're going to hang out with Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal of Mindless Behavior as they answer YOUR questions in an exclusive livestream happening today at 4 p.m. ET! (Who needs a V-Day date when you've got that??)

Wanna ask Mindless Behavior something? Just tweet your questions to @MTVBuzzworthy using the hashtag #AskMB. You could ask them about their new video "Keep Her On The Low," or find out everything there is to know about their upcoming album, All Around The World, OR ask them what they look for in their "Valentine's Girl" or "Mrs. Right." *Fans self*

The boys will also provide a sneak peek of their new documentary, "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World" (out March 15!) as well as an exclusive look behind the scenes of their "Keep Her On The Low" video. So, grab a chocolate box, prop your feet up with a stuffed bear, and tune in here at 4 p.m. ET for the "Valentine's Day LIVE With Mindless Behavior" livestream! Who knows? Maybe you'll be their next girl. (But you'll have to fight us first. JK! Not really.)

+ Watch "Valentine's Day LIVE With Mindless Behavior" on MTV.com now!

Photo credit: UMG