New Video: Cher Lloyd, 'With Ur Love'

Cher Lloyd plays two princesses in her video for "With Ur Love."

Cher Lloyd plays a good princess (and a bad one!) in her "With Ur Love" video.

We've always kinda thought that if Cher Lloyd were not a famous British pop star with the tiniest waist of all time, she'd totally be a gown-wearing princess with jewels adorning her head (probably still with the tiniest waist of all time). And you know what? WE WERE RIGHT! Because that's exactly what Cher is in her "With Ur Love" video. Well, a princess with dangling jewels, a tiny waist, and who regularly steals guys' magical powers with her purple laser-beam-monster eyes. Just another day in the castle...

Watch Cher Lloyd's "With Ur Love" video after the jump.

In her latest video, the "Oath" singer morphs into two princesses (cue: Spin Doctors' "Two Princes"). First, Cher stuns as the "good" princess (kinda like the one in the "Pretty Pretty Princess" board game!), where she spends time looking annoyingly gorgeous in a white ball gown while wistfully gazing out the window. When she's not playing the "good" princess, Cher swaps her white ball gown for a dark red one (because in Fairytale Land, dark = bad!!), and kinda terrorizes the men around her. Then, there she is hosting a dinner party where a poisonous snake is the guest of honor, but as far as we can tell, it remains cool and doesn't bite anyone. It's definitely the perfect fairy-tale-themed video, though we must confess: We kinda miss Cher's original "With Ur Love" collaborator, rapper Juicy J! It's like, why couldn't he have played the poisonous snake's handler? Or at least "bad" Cher's mischievous accomplice? Something! Anything!

+ Watch Cher Lloyd's "With Ur Love" video.

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