Show Your Love This Valentine's Day With A Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez Or One Direction E-Card! (PHOTOS)

Happy Valentine's Day from MTV!

Valentine's Day means we can fantasize about a Jelena reunion, right?

Remember the good ol' Valentine's Days when you'd buy one of those boxes at the drugstore filled with little foldable cards, probably "Peanuts," Backstreet Boys, or "Garfield"-themed, and then you'd give one to everybody in your class? (We're talking about pre-high school, obvs -- after age 11, Valentine's Day got a little more complex.) And you'd get your OWN amazing paper bag filled with cards from everybody in your class? Well, we're suckers for nostalgia (and boy bands) around here, which is exactly why we created our VERY OWN set of Valentine's Day e-cards (not quite from the drugstore, but we think that's probably a step up). Only these are very SPECIAL e-cards featuring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez "getting back together" (never stop believing/beliebing) and One Direction telling you you're beautiful. Yep, we're talking about the perfect excuse to pretend One Direction asked you out for a romantic V-Day dinner where they sing 'Kiss You' on repeat as you gorge on steak. Ugh, that does it -- where'd we put that giant chocolate box our moms sent us??

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From your womb to God's ears, Kimye.

One Direction Valentine's Day MTV e-card

We can't look at Harry Styles on Valentine's Day for too long without crying.

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