Star Spotting: Happy Valentine's Day! Please Enjoy This Photo Of Jay-Z And Beyonce Being The Perfect Couple (PHOTO)

Beyonce and Jay-Z at the HBO premiere of "Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z = the perfect couple.

Okay, we've gotta be real for a second. It's Valentine's Day, and on one hand, we kinda wanna be like, "get off our screens, perfect Beyoncé and Jay-Z," as we sit on the couch in our old pajamas overdosing on Sweethearts. Frumpy and sugar-coated is simply NOT the best way for us to stare at the world's most beautiful/perfect couple. On the other hand, WE SIMPLY CANNOT LOOK AWAY, so why fight it? Besides, being a hater is NEVER a good look.

The "Crazy In Love" couple attended the New York premiere of Bey's HBO documentary, "Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream" (the very same one Oprah attended!!), and they completely stole the couple's show! Beyoncé in THAT SPARKLE DRESS! Jigga in that ADORABLE CHECKERED SHIRT! And thoughts of baby Blue Ivy tucked safely away at home in her $3,500 Lucite crib! And sure, it might be easier to sit at home all day wallowing in our sadness, but no! NOT US! We WILL look at this picture and feel inspired to go out and find our OWN JAY-Z! Extra bonus points for us if we happen to track down Beyoncé's dermatologist along the way. Extra dewy skin does not make itself -- ew.) But that's another task for a different day. Whatever, happy Valentine's Day, guys!

Photo credit: Getty Images