Video Premiere: Lil Wayne Featuring Future And Drake, 'Love Me'


Lil Wayne gives new meaning to the term "water bed" in his "Love Me" video featuring Drake and Future.

We already knew that Lil Wayne was in touch with his softer side (do you remember how hard we bawled after listening to "How To Love"? Puffy eyes for days!), but releasing a video for his Drake and Future-assisted "Love Me" on Valentine's Day? That's a whole new level of emo that we are VERY INTO! Granted, the video does include a water-filled bedroom with three scantily clad women swimming in it, but we're still awarding Wayne points for timing the clip's release with the day of overeating chocolate love!

Watch Lil Wayne's "Love Me" video featuring Future and Drake after the jump.

The latest single from Tune's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II, in his "Love Me" video, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Future are in charge of looking after a scary/passionate-looking group of reptilian women. No, seriously, the boys are literally walking around a dungeon-like room filled with cages, where sexy snake-women roaming around inside, some of them making obscene gestures -- it's like a much dirtier episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" in there. And there's Lil Wayne, giving the term "water bed" a whole new meaning, as he literally reclines on a decadent red duvet that's FLOATING IN WATER, again, surrounded by sexy, swimming women (some of whom are licking KNIVES... ladies, stop before this turns into the 17th "Saw" sequel, OK?!). All reptile women and dirty, dangerous cage-playgrounds aside, we STILL think it's totally adorable how Wayne decided to release his "Love Me" video on V-Day. Maybe next time, however, he should up the romance quotient a bit more with some heart-shaped candy. Just throw 'em in the water, OK? Girls like that.

+ Watch Lil Wayne's "Love Me" video featuring Future and Drake.

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