Video We Love: The Mowgli's, 'San Francisco'

Listen to Mowgli's "San Francisco."

All the Mowgli's need is love.

Clear eyes, red hearts, can't lose. The Mowgli's play Cupid in their adorable video for "San Francisco," spreading love, music, and cartoon hearts across the city just in time for Valentine's Day. It may not be everyone's favorite holiday, but "San Francisco" should leave even the most bitter haters ready for roses and chocolate boxes. Do like Frank Ocean and enjoy the sweet life, people -- you deserve it. The video concludes with a sing-along block party led by the eight-member band, with the whole thing nailed in a single epic take.

Watch The Mowgli's "San Francisco" video after the jump.

The group's sunny vibes shine straight from Los Angeles, where their influences include fellow upbeat rockers such as Grouplove and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes. Beyond making the world safe for Valentine's Day, they've been holding it down in L.A. with a Monday night residency at the Satellite. Given that they've got enough members for a basketball team and a deep bench, they've also recorded their own version of the NBA theme song, which has been used on ESPN. (Maybe next they can get the Lakers to stop breaking my heart.) The Mowgli's Love's Not Dead EP is out now and ready to soundtrack whatever you're doing tonight (going on a hot date, because you're the best!).

+ Watch The Mowgli's' "San Francisco" video.

Photo credit: Emily Shur