New Song: Josh Xantus, 'Breathe'

Josh Xantus goes acoustic on his latest song, "Breathe."

Soulful singer Josh Xantus goes acoustic on "Breathe."

We might have to get R&B singer Josh Xantus some medical help immediately. He's so in love, he can't breathe! (That doesn't bode well if you're a smooth soul singer, you know?) OK, OK, maybe we close-read a little too closely, but the extent of Josh's constricted airway is pretty convincing on "Breathe," a song from his upcoming mixtape, The Antidote, dropping March 19. On the stripped-down acoustic jam (think if The Weeknd saw the sun every once in a while or if Trey Songz and Drake got together for a guitar jam session), Josh elaborates on why, metaphorically of course, his girl takes his breath away.

Listen to Josh Xantus' "Breathe" after the jump.

"Your beauty's so soothing/ it takes my breath all away/ you were made for my liking/ I can't find no complaints," Josh gushes on the chilled-out track. Now we ask you: How does that NOT make your heart flutter on Valentine's Day (or maybe that's just the chocolate sugar rush talking)?! If only some supersmooth crooner would write US songs like that (We gotta find ourselves a Juilliard student, since that's where Josh went. #Talent). Maybe someday we'll have that "Your shining beauty takes my breath away, please pass me the inhaler" kind of love, but for now, we'll have to live vicariously through you, Josh. If that means listening to "Breathe" all day, twice a day, on repeat, which is TOTALLY fine with us.

+ Listen to Josh Xantus' "Breath."

Photo credit: Josh Xantus