Adam Levine Goes Shirtless For 7Hollywood, Because Shirtless Adam Levine NEVER GETS OLD! (PHOTO)

Adam Levine goes shirtless on 7Hollywood magazine.

Just your daily serving of shirtless Adam Levine. It's better than vitamin C!

As you well know by now, we're pretty massive Stans of shirtless Adam Levine because, well, WHY NOT? The tattoos! The pecs! And those lines really ripped dudes get around their uhhhh, pelvis (we'll stop right there). In fact, only a few weeks ago, we devoted an entire post to gratuitous photos of shirtless Adam Levine, and today we're following up! Only this time, we're disguising our obsession with Adam's cut bod by pretending to focus on what he has to say in the "Icons" issue of 7Hollywood magazine. (JK! We're totally interested in what Adam has to say, but we reserve the right to stare at him for seven more hours minutes.

The Maroon 5 singer graced the cover of 7Hollywood magazine's "Icons" issue, a title we entirely feel he deserves, because all icons should have milli-packs, right? That, and super successful music careers, judging careers, "SNL" hosting gigs, and fragrance lines. It also doesn't hurt that Adam can twist his body into yoga positions only trained circus performers can handle. Because if getting your elbow up above your head doesn't scream "ICON!" then we don't know what does.

Photo credit: 7Hollywood