New Video: The Weeknd, ‘Twenty Eight’ (NSFW)

The Weeknd is walking with a ghost in his new “Twenty Eight” video.

Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, is, as Tegan and Sara might say, “walking with a ghost.” Well, more like a few ghosts, and most of them just happen to be beautiful topless dancers, which might sound like a pretty sexy scenario if Abel wasn’t terminally tortured by one ghost in particular. The Weeknd’s trying like hell to exorcize his demons, going through day-to-day musician activities like filming press interviews, but he just can’t stay focused in his video for “Twenty Eight,” the latest bonus single from Trilogy.

Watch The Weeknd’s “Twenty Eight” video after the jump.

Abel’s darkly sexy clip, directed by NABIL (G.O.O.D. Music, Frank Ocean), features the singer as a guest in a television interview (think more “60 Minutes” than “The View,” though what we wouldn’t give to see Abel trading barbs with Whoopi Goldberg…). As he responds to questions, Abel doesn’t quite look all there — that’s probably because his mind can’t escape a projected, literally transparent woman sitting on his bed, watching him answer questions on a flat screen. Like a sleepwalker, Abel gazes inertly at his interviewer, but keeps drifting off into a haze of (very, very) topless pole dancers, who look every bit as dead inside as Abel feels. And yet, they all go through the motions — the dancers keep dancing (and in some cases, swimming in pools), and Abel keeps being interviewed as the track’s haunting, piano-led melody escalates into a chest-beating, howling cry of grief. Life has to go on, despite our ghosts, but we can all probably agree that imagining them watching you on TV won’t clear out the ex-girlfriend cobwebs anytime soon.

+ Watch The Weeknd’s “Twenty Eight” video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Universal Republic/XO