Video Premiere: Candy Hearts, 'Bad Idea'

Watch Candy Hearts' "Bad Idea" video.

Candy Hearts hope a "Bad Idea" turns good in their brand-new video.

Valentine's Day is supposed to be for lovers, but honestly, aren't the most lasting memories of Cupid's annual overtime the ones you spend sad and alone? (A cute couple's braggy Instagrams are so overrated anyway. And unsubtle, for that matter.) And yet we're always on the search for that special someone around mid-February, even if we know they're not a good match. You know what? This year we should all learn from our past mistakes and be our own Valentines! Haha, just kidding -- we're going to go out with the jerk who makes us miserable, just like every other year. And Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland knows what we're talking about in the band's new video for "Bad Idea."

Watch Candy Hearts' "Bad Idea" video after the jump.

"You're a bad idea and I know it," the appropriately named Loveland sings. "Well, I will do it anyway; my heart won't listen to my brain."

The video for the song, taken from the New York four-piece's The Best Ways to Disappear EP, is a straightforward "rocking out in a warehouse" clip, but it's shot through with splashes of eye-catching color (shout-out to Loveland's purple streak and matching lipstick/guitar combo) and whimsy, which perfect matches their low-fi, amped-up '90s Kill Rock Stars twee leanings.

The Buzz On band, who got a big career-boosting Valentine from producer, Violently Happy Records label-head, and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, is also debuting a behind-the-scenes clip from what looks like a pretty goofy video shoot. "Hi, I'm Mariel, and I'm making a video for our song 'Bad Idea,' and I sing in the band Candy Hearts. This is so fun," Gilbert cracks while the singer smirks along. Loveland also explains a bit more about what the song means in the footage, saying, "'Bad idea' is about liking a guy who you know is going to hurt you," she says. "And you don't care because you just like him a lot, so it doesn't matter."

Lessons of the heart, right there, kids. Also, a few lessons in band logo design as well. All you need to make your very own giant valentine to the band, we learn, is some foam, paint, a trip to Home Depot, and, to fit in with the mood, a few broken hearts along the way.

+ Watch Candy Hearts' "Bad Idea" video, then watch a behind-the-scenes interview with the band.

Photo credit: Violently Happy Records/Bridge Nine Records