New Song: HAIM, 'Falling'

Listen to HAIM's "Falling."

HAIM combine classic rock and R&B in their new song, "Falling."

Los Angeles' HAIM might want to reconsider their name. Maybe Sister Sledge or The Partridge Family... anything '70s or sister-related would do. (The Partridge Family seems especially appropriate given that HAIM used to play in a band with their parents.) Just don't call them Fleetwood Mac, because apparently everyone else already has. All-sister trio Este Haim, Alana Haim, and Danielle Haim may tackle frequent comparisons to Rumors-era Fleetwood with their parted-down-the-middle-hair '70s vibe and ultra-melodic, whining guitar-solo pop rock (oh, and there was that time they covered "Hold Me"), but on their new track "Falling," HAIM swim with various schools of musical fish, '90s R&B and contemporary female-led indie pop chief among them.

Listen to HAIM's "Falling" after the jump.

"Never look back, never give up," HAIM repeat on "Falling," which is a powerfully poppy, sit-up-and-take-notice call to action. (But where? In life? In love? The music industry?) In addition to showcasing the sisters' arena-worthy pipes, "Falling" makes us think of everything from Stevie Nicks harmonizing with Lindsey Buckingham to Michael Jackson's choppy "AHhh" vocals to classic R&B players En Vogue to lush, spectral pop by Chairlift or School Of Seven Bells. Now signed to Polydor Records, HAIM will release "Falling" on their forthcoming EP, dropping April 1.

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Photo credit: National Anthem/Polydor Records