Ellen DeGeneres Ogles Katy Perry's Boobs At The Grammys BECAUSE LOOK AT KATY PERRY FOR GOD'S SAKE! (PHOTO)

Ellen DeGeneres gets an eyeful of "part of" Katy Perry at the Grammys.

We don't blame Ellen DeGeneres for getting a little distracted in the moment, guys! Gay, straight, both, neither, whatever, DOESN'T MATTER! No human being can resist the allure of Katy Perry's flawless bust. That ish is national treasure status! And let's just get real: Katy's green Grammy dress doesn't leave a lot to the imagination, and WE'RE SO COMPLETELY OK WITH THAT. When you're a Grammy presenter and have an epic tune like "Wide Awake" nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance category,  it's kinda your responsibility to grab everyone's attention any way you know how. Katy's just doing her job and doing it very right.

Katy was snapped with Ellen and Portia De Rossi having a healthy LOL. First, let's all take a moment to be jealous of this super successful/amazing lady trifecta. Then, let's take another moment to imagine what the three were giggling about. Maybe they were joking about how Katy's boyfriend John Mayer (btw they're officially dating!) showed up to awards dressed like Willy Wonka and/or the Purple Pieman (we mean that the nicest way possible. Really! Who doesn't love Willy Wonka -- CANDY, guys!)  Or, judging by Ellen's gaze, she was like "Katy, you look UNREAL." And Katy was like "LOL! I KNOWS IT SISTER!!" And Portia's like "Respect."

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Photo credit: Getty Images