Taylor Swift Wins Grammys Before The Grammys Even Start (PHOTO)

 Taylor Swift wins a Grammy!

Taylor Swift wins hugs and wins Grammys!

Don't even act like you're surprised that Taylor Swift, the queen of MAKING THIS FACE BECAUSE SHE WINS AT LIFE SO MUCH, won a 2013 Grammy award before the actual telecast even aired! Because that's just how the Grammys ringleader rolls, and it's about time we accepted it. Along with her good pals The Civil Wars, Taylor snagged the Best Song Written For Visual Media Grammy for her "Hunger Games" ballad, "Safe & Sound." And fine, maybe we're exaggerating a bit since the Grammy pre-telecast is still technically the "Grammys," but it's still totally impressive and warrants that we do this this "WHEEE!" arm sweep at least two or three times.

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Anyway, we're betting Taylor might've been doing a few "WHEEE!" moves herself as she embraced and high-fived Joy Williams, her Civil Wars collaborator, on stage. DUDE! It's like Joy and Taylor are on the same basketball team or something! And by "basketball team," we mean "team of gorgeous females with a penchant for writing ballads that may or may not make you cry like a giant baby and hide under your covers and cancel your JDate." (Clearly, I'm projecting.) Anyway, moral of the story? Taylor wins Grammys even when the Grammys aren't on yet, because that's just the kinda life she has.

Taylor Swift high fives Joy Williams of The Civil Wars.

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Credit all photos: Getty Images