Beyonce Throws Up The Most Ladylike Gang Signs Ever At The Grammys, Glows Next To Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel (PHOTO)

The Queen Bey, throwing up gang signs.

The 2013 Grammys are off to a rip-roaring start, and although we're supposed to pay close attention to the music, how can we even focus on anything other than the our queen, Beyonce, looking like a graceful black-and-white swan as she throws up vaguely controversial gang signs (here are five things Beyonce's hand signs may mean, in case you were currrious) and then has a quick chuckle with Justin Timberlake and his wifey, Jessica Biel. It's kinda like, "Sorry, music!" we're busy admiring everything about Beyonce's bone structure and bloods sign to tune in. Our apologies. Be back later.

Unfortunately, we have no clue what the golden trio is laughing about, but we're pretty sure it's probably along the lines of: "Isn't it so funny how we're literally so much more attractive then half the people sitting in our row??!" And maybe, Jessica was then like: "Bey, bb! You effing nailed the Super Bowl, and we'd love for you to sing for us next year when we renew our vows!" Or maybe they're just laughing uncontrollably at how they're all living their #BestLife and beat all the odds. No clue, but we're so jealous of everything going on here, it hurts. #TherapyTime

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Photo credit: @BlackVoices/Beyonce_Info