In Today's Bizarre/ Perfect News, Here's Miley Cyrus Dancing With Lil' Kim And Tiffany Foxx (VIDEO)

Watch Miley Cyrus dance with Lil' Kim and Tiffany Foxx.

Miley Cyrus is Tiffany Foxx's hype girl!

There are truly no words in today's lexicon aside from "OMFG" to describe the PURE JOY we're experiencing watching Miley Cyrus play hype girl to Tiffany Foxx (Lil' Kim's protégée) in Tiffany's brand-new video, "Twisted." And when we say "hype girl," we mean "that person wearing black-and-white striped "Beetlejuice" pants who dances in the background and sticks out her tongue a lot." It's incredibly, incredibly special, and you're gonna want to memorize Miley's moves so you can dance along in your room when nobody's watching. Preferably wearing the pants, if you have them.

Watch Miley Cyrus dance with Lil' Kim in a clip from Tiffany Foxx's "Twisted" video after the jump.

If you, like us, are EXTREMELY curious as to how these three ladies came together, then here's the 411: Rumor has it that the unlikely trio first bonded via Twitter, starting with a tweet from Miley: "@LilKim follows me. I think that’s the only thing in the world that could've made me smile.... Thanks Lil' Kim." After a few more back-and-forths, Miley mysteriously tweeted, "I'm ready when @1tiffanyfoxx & @LilKim are." And now we know what Miley was getting ready for!

In the behind-the-scenes clip, we see Kim, Tiffany, and Miley twerkin' as Tiff's new song plays in the background. Kim and Tiff are definitely wearing matching jewel-encrusted leotards (JINX!), and Miley's just being Miley, turnin' up behind them. It's one of the weirder things you'll see all month, but we guarantee that seeing Lil' Kim and Miley sharing a screen will keep you hella warm while you ride out NYC's snowpocalypse.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus dance  with Lil' Kim in a clip from Tiffany Foxx's "Twisted" video.

Photo credit: Twitter