'Aw' Over Adorable Baby Pictures And Louis' EPIC Hair In One Direction's 3D Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Go 3-D with 1D!

You know how you've always fantasized about having breakfast with One Direction? Preferably a delicious toasted bagel with cream cheese that will also magically be zero calories? And then how you thought about what it would be like to go on tour with the guys and be privy to all their tour bus shenanigans and bro-to-bro backstage antics? Yeah, well, thanks to some cutting-edge technology in the One Direction's forthcoming 3D movie, now you can! (Minus the bagel part, probs.) Also, are any theaters offering 1D Stans a discounted bulk rate for catching more than three screening in a row? Just help us mimic that "24 hours with the guys" feeling, OK?

Watch an extended preview of One Direction's 3D movie after the jump.

UPDATE: Check out the full-length "One Direction 3D Movie" trailer!

One Direction recently premiered an extended preview of their 3-D movie on the "Today" show, which totally warmed us up on this ARCTIC, BLIZZARDY FRIDAY. Unfortunately, the clip is a little grainy, so sitting back with a giant tub of popcorn and admiring the entire band's perfect Grecian proportions might be a little tough, but the quality is good enough to confirm that Louis' hair is, as you might expect, UTTER PERFECTION. We also caught shots of One Direction as BABIES(!), descending on NYC, surveying the huuuuge Madison Square Garden, actually PLAYING Madison Square Garden, wrestling with each other (aka business as usual), and just generally being their happy-go-lucky selves.

Directed by Morgan Spurlock and partially shot by our favorite 1D blondie, Niall Horan, the guys filmed parts of the movie in NYC last December and will accumulate more footage as they hit the road on their world tour starting Feb. 23 in London. Also, all this talk of 1D's new 3-D flick begs the question: WHAT WILL THE 3-D GLASSES LOOK LIKE? ANYTHING LIKE THE 1D TOOTHBRUSHES? And can I get a pair with JUST Niall's face on it???

Watch an extended preview of One Direction's 3-D movie.

Photo credit: Getty Images