Video Premiere: Nervous Nellie, 'Gloves'

Watch Nervous Nellie's "Gloves" video.

Nervous Nellie has a "revealing" vision quest in their "Gloves" video.

"The gloves are coming off," Henrik Jonzon sings on Nervous Nellie's "Gloves," and the Swedish band's new video for the track definitely does not hold back. The stop-motion animated video trails a primitive paper figure through a camping trip gone wrong, as a supernatural fire and wolves scarier than Liam Neeson in "The Grey" chase our hero deep into the dark. He emerges with beardy, Tom Hanks-in-"Castaway" confidence as ish gets truly weird. The video vision quest's a metaphor for the balance between our civilized lives and our wilder selves, which sometimes need to, um, reveal themselves in a magic mirror. "Sleeping Beauty" this isn't.

Watch Nervous Nellie's "Gloves" video after the jump.

As we learned the other day, "Gloves" was inspired by a Tom Petty drum groove, though the song's distinctly 2013, all taffy-thick synths and stubble-rough vocals. The song's the title cut from the Swedish band's U.S. debut, the Gloves EP, which drops four flavors of synth jam on Feb. 12. Construction paper, scissors, and "The Hobbit" Blu-Rays not included.

+ Watch Nervous Nellie's "Gloves" video.

Photo credit: Ilium Media