New Video: My Name Is Kay, 'Whatever'

Watch My Name Is Kay's "Whatever" video.

My Name Is Kay whistles while she werques in her "Whatever" video.

Ever wonder what would happen if you took Ke$ha, Kreayshawn, Neon Hitch, and Amy Heidemann from Karmin (when she's rapping) and blended them all into one delicious (and antioxidant filled!) smoothie? Yep, precisely: a strawberry-coated My Name Is Kay!

You may remember Kay from her cameo in Cobra Starship's "#1nite" video, or perhaps you're still stalking/Google Image-ing her OOC sense of style. Or maybe you're still not over the fact that her music was featured in the best picture of the year "Pitch Perfect," but either way, we know you've been waiting for her brand-new "Whatever" video to drop, and NOW YOU'VE GOT IT.

Watch My Name Is Kay's "Whatever" video after the jump.

In "Whatever," Kay rocks an endless stream of I-want-that-inducing outfits (props to that amazing black crop top and sunglasses, OMFG) as she struts and spits verses. Although the clip was mainly shot in a studio, Kay does spend some time swinging from some vaguely Romanesque pillars (rumor has it those are the same pillars featured in Drake's "Headlines" video). We should also mention that due to some skillful film editing, sometimes a regular Kay turns into a psychedelic, you-might-be-tripping-on-mushrooms or looking-through-a-kaleidoscope Kay. Or, in clearer terms, you'll see approximately 10 Kays dancing on the screen as opposed to one, which is INFINITELY better.

+ Watch My Name Is Kay's "Whatever" video.

Photo credit: Universal Music/Last Gang Records