New Video: Watsky, 'Moral Of The Story' (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Watsky coordinates a highly-complicated dance number in his latest video for "Moral Of The Story."

Fangirl-ing over Watsky big time, right now.

We're totally having a moment with Watsky right now. Like, such a moment that if he were to stand right in front of us, we'd probably get all sweaty, awkward, and weird, avoid eye contact, then revert back to sweaty. If you've seen the rapper and slam poet (yes, really) in his "Strong As An Oak" video, you were probably left sitting in your own saline too. And having just witnessed Watsky threaten to manually stimulate a dragon (this is probably the first ever rap boast of the sort) in his clever new "Moral Of The Story" video (the second single off his forthcoming Cardboard Castles album) we're sweatin' harder than Trinidad Jame$ up in here.

Before you watch, we'll alert you to the fact that the video includes some BOMB choreography, and Watsky goes in. Because have you ever seen a rapper do a Britney Spears-esque, full-group dance routine complete with flashing lights? Well you're about to.

Watch Watsky's "Moral Of The Story" video after the jump.

Shot in one take and directed by Watsky himself, "Moral Of The Story" features the adorably nerdy (in the perfect "I'm also a sick rapper" kind of way) rhymer as he does some tedious schoolwork at his desk. (As an aside, why soon-to-be-mega-famous people think they need to go to school is beyond me.) Cool set changes, said dragon reference (watch out, Bruno "Sex Dragon" Mars), and BAM -- Watsky's smack dab in the middle of a choreographed dance routine. AND. HE. NAILS. IT. Never thought we'd say this, but we actually think more rappers should start dancing in their videos! Like, can you just imagine Kanye West and Jay-Z twerking it out with some pas-de-bourrées? CAN'T EVEN!

Watch Watsky's "Moral Of The Story" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Gaby Esensten Photography