See The Used Go Grocery Shopping, Ride The Subway In D.C. And More Photos From The 'Take Action' Tour!

The Used rock out in Rochester.

Bassist Jeph Howard rocks out in Rochester on The Used's "Take Action" tour.

It's been a monumental year and a half for rock veterans The Used. Not only did Bert McCracken & Co. recently release their two-disc Vulnerable (II) album, but they're currently tearing up the road on the "Take Action" tour with We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and Mindflow. Not a bad way to spend the winter, right?

While most of us are wrapped up in burrito blankets and ordering takeout ramen from the nearest delivery joint, The Used are living the dream playing shows to screaming audiences every night (proceeds benefit the "It Gets Better Project," btw -- amazing). How do we know? Because The Used sent us these behind-the-scenes photos from the "Take Action" tour. (But be warned -- things get a little goofy. But, it's The Used, so, duh.)

Check out more of The Used's "Take Action" tour photos after the jump.

Just looking at The Used's tour photos has cemented our jealousy that they didn't ask us to be their guitar tech. (Could have something to do with the fact that we can't play guitar, but whatever.) Sure, there are some shots of Bert, Jeph, Quinn, and Dan sending the crowd into a Used-inflicted hysteria at their shows, but the band also paused between shows to take some LOL selfies perusing the aisles of Walmart, riding unicycles, and nose-diving into a humidifier (we don't blame them there -- gotta clear out those sinuses after sing-screaming into a mic for two hours). Check out the rest of The Used's "Take Action" tour photos below!

Bert Mccracken hangs out in Walmart.

"Anyone know where they keep the Lean Cuisine?"

Bert McCraken meets a young fan onstage in Las Vegas.

Bert McCracken meets his biggest (slash smallest) fan in Las Vegas.


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