Star Spotting: Kevin And Danielle Jonas Are The ONLY Reason We’re Excited For Valentine’s Day (PHOTOS)

Kevin and Danielle Jonas unveil the 2013 Love Stamp.

Instead of dreading the impending doom of “I’ve got to run to the drugstore and get my boo a box of those cheap candy hearts with the cheesy phrases” or “I’m VERY aware that I’m single” (aka Valentine’s Day), how about looking at Kevin and Danielle Jonas being THE MOST PERFECT COUPLE ON THE PLANET (per usual) and letting them serve as a V-day inspiration? We suggest taking this moment to reflect on how effing beautiful real love is — especially when it involves impossibly GORG people like these. Lastly, we’d humbly suggest that you skip those cheap candy hearts because THEY ARE GROSS AND NO ONE EATS THEM ANYWAY. (Unless we have no other food. We’re raiding the candy aisle come Feb. 15!)

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Kevin and Danielle seal their perfect marriage with a kiss.

The always smiling Jonas Brother and his wife were snapped at the United States Postal Service event where they helped unveil the 2013 Sealed with Love (Forever) Stamp. The cute couple even shared a kiss to celebrate the event (because really, what’s a more appropriate time to smooch than when unveiling a stamp devoted to love?). Honestly, we can’t think of a better couple to celebrate the romantic postage tribute — they have a freaking TV show about how great their marriage is! They shouldn’t just be showing off the new love stamp — their faces should be ON the stamp! We’re officially writing a formal letter, USPS. (Uh, anyone have a stamp on them?)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News