New Song: Maejor Ali Featuring Justin Bieber And Juicy J, 'Lolly'

Listen to Maejor Ali's "Lolly."

Maejor Ali gets an assist from Justin Bieber and Juicy J on his track "Lolly."

So, remember Bei Maejor? He had that song "Lights Down Low" featuring Waka Focka Flame? Yeah, well he changed his name (like Diddy!), and now he's called Maejor Ali. Also, remember Shawty Mane? Justin Bieber's rapping alter ego? Well, he's back y'all, and he's spitting rhymes on Maejor Ali's new song, "Lolly." Juicy J is also featured on the track, but he didn't change his name and has never NOT been a rapper so we're kinda like, "BORING!" (JK! We love you, Juicy!)

Listen to Maejor Ali's "Lolly" featuring Justin Bieber and Juicy J after the jump.

Set to a club-ready beat, "Lolly" begins with Maejor Ali singing about his favorite candy -- a lollipop -- which is obviously code for... well, just think about it a little. JB chimes right in at the top of the second verse, radiating swag as he spits about getting crunk on the most expensive seltzer money can buy: "I'm all fancy, yeah, I'm poppin' Pellegrino." You know what? Pellegrino IS fancy! That ish is 12 bucks a bottle at your local Italian restaurant, even though you and I both know it's straight up the same quality as the 99 cent can of bodega-bought Seagram's. Good point, JB.

Listen to Maejor Ali's "Lolly" featuring Justin Bieber and Juicy J.

Photo credit: Maejor Ali