New Songs: Drake 'Started From The Bottom' + 'Started From The Bottom' Remix Featuring Wiz Khalifa (NSFW)

Listen to Drake's "Started From The Bottom."

Drake remembers his humble beginnings on "Started From The Bottom."

When Drake's second album, Take Care, touched down in 2011, it instantly became a critical darling AND a commercial smash, topping several Best Of The Year lists with its seven successful singles. Now, after two years of full-length album silence, Drake's on his way back, which he announced in a blog posted Friday on October's Very Own: "It has truly been too long... Today is the day to begin sharing my newest work with you."

You know what that means, right? It means we're in the midst of a full-on Drake COMEBACK!! Granted, two years without Drizzy isn't exactly like the multiyear Justin Timberlake, Fall Out Boy, and Destiny's Child droughts, but we are still SO happy to hear him again on his new song "Started From The Bottom" (which Wiz Khalifa has promptly remixed, as only he should), slated to appear on an upcoming third album.

Listen to Drake "Started From The Bottom" and "Started From The Bottom" remix featuring Wiz Khalifa after the jump.

Expanding on his motivation behind "Started From The Bottom," Drake continued on OVO: "I feel sometimes that people don't have enough information about my beginnings and therefore they make up a life story for me that isn't consistent with actual events... I did not buy my way into this spot and it was the furthest thing from easy to achieve," Drake said. He echoes this sentiment on "Started From The Bottom" with lines like, "Boys tell stories about the man/ Say I never struggled, wasn't hungry/ Yeah I doubt it."

But Drake's not the only one who's "Started From The Bottom": In Wiz Khalifa's unofficial remix, the soon-to-be dad rhymes over a pensive piano-driven beat, "Started from the bottom, now we here/ Had a dream about a car/ And went and got it in a year." Wiz also suggests that he and Drake should go on tour together, an idea we'd like to fully throw our support behind. Don't you think a Wiz/Drake (Wrake? Diz?) tour would be one of the most popular tours of 2013, HANDS DOWN?? (But not as popular, of course, as Beyoncé's "The Mrs. Carter Show" world tour. Sorry, fellas.)

+ Listen to Drake's "Started From The Bottom" (NSFW) and the "Started From The Bottom" remix featuring Wiz Khalifa (NSFW).

Photo credit: October's Very Own