The Buzz On: KAPTN

KAPTN says "Juice," we say "orange" or "grapefruit"?

Meet Zachary Ross, aka L.A.-based rapper-songwriter KAPTN. He's a little Macklemore, a little Far East Movement, a little totally his own unique thing we can't quite put our finger on, and A LOT HOT. Because since when do rappers have such perfectly coiffed golden locks? That's right, NEVER.

Moving right along to KAPTN's music since this is a music blog and not a hair blog, we'd like to urge you to get on the KAPTN bandwagon ASAP since the dude is basically about to destroy the club/pop/dance/hip-hop scene with addicting songs like his lead single, "Juice."

Listen to KAPTN after the jump.

Not only is KAPTN signed to famed production duo Da Internz, but he's already gotten co-signs from Timbaland and Ludacris, and if "Juice" is any indication, he is more than capable of releasing a bona fide club banger. Oh, and did we mention that Miley Cyrus made a cameo in KAPTN's forthcoming "Juice" video? Yeah, THE KID ROLLS DEEP.

Ten seconds into the the synth-laden, bass-thumping "Juice" and you're immediately transported to a fist-pump-a-thon up in da club. The song's infectious hook -- a rousing round of "juice juice juice juice juice!" -- makes this record radio-friendly enough to seep into the mainstream, but grimy-dancey enough to intrigue and impress "the cool kids." Oh, and the part when he's all "Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking"? Well, that just sealed the deal.

+ Watch KAPTN's "Juice" lyric video.

KAPTN films his "Juice" video with Miley Cyrus.

Hey! There's KAPTN filming the "Juice" video with Miley Cyrus!

Photo credit: KAPTN/Embryo