Rita Ora (Sort Of) Flips The Bird In Glasgow, Still Looks Like The Friendliest Person Ever (PHOTO)

Rita Ora flashes the middle finger on her t-shirt.

Rita Ora flashes the finger on her t-shirt!

We don't think there's ANYTHING Rita Ora has to be mad about these days. Not only is she currently hitting the stage (and looking hot in Pucci) on her "Radioactive" tour, but she's kinda morphed into the fashion world's latest "it" girl (just ask The New York Times). Shall we go on? She's been spotted (maybe) shooting a new video with Snoop Lion AND she recently performed at MTV's Club NYE 2013! See? Nothing to be upset about. So you can imagine how thrown off we were after seeing this picture of RitaBot wearing a jokey T-shirt with digital middle fingers all over it. And yet somehow in a bird-flipping T-shirt, Rita still manages to look like the friendliest person EVER. How is that possible?!

The "Shine Ya Light" singer was snapped outside of Glasgow's O2 Academy wearing a harmlessly profane T-shirt (but that's OK -- we can think of worse clothing patterns, ahem, RIHANNA). Sure, Rita's top looks like an updated, way less appropriate interpretation of your everyday mouse cursor (actually, that's GENIUS!), but it could also be a not-so-subtle kiss-off to what few haters she has (like a certain Rob Kardashian, for example). Whatever the case, we're still gonna give Rita the "Props Of The Day" award for a) applying red lipstick like a pro, b) probably not getting hat hair, and c) looking absurdly fun and likable even with "eff yous" littered all over her torso. Just saying, Rita, my schedule is WIDE OPEN this weekend for a lipstick application/closet reorg date. You can just show up -- no planning ahead necessary!

Photo credit: Fame/Flynet