Ke$ha Does A Perfect Headstand, Winning Her The 'Most Agile Pop Star' Award (PHOTO)

Ke$ha does a handstand.

Ke$ha does a headstand because she's more agile than the rest of us!

Here at Buzzworthy, we really like to file pop stars under categories, all of which we completely made up. There's the "Best Side Eye" (Kanye West's and Nicki Minaj's are neck and neck), "Best Dog Owner" (Miley Cyrus FOREVER), and now we've (un)officially created the "Most Agile Pop Star" category. At first, we were content with Adam Levine and his bendy yoga poses, but now Ke$ha's taking down the competition with this brilliant headstand photo. Between this move and her Olympic-worthy cartwheels, K-$'s the queen of agility. (Don't worry! She's still our reigning queen of glitter, too.)

The "C'Mon" singer shared her headstand on Instagram along with the caption "chillin in Tokyo upside down." While we already knew Ke$ha had a passionate interest in the Illuminati and a fondness for furries, we had no idea she was such an IN-SHAPE ACROBAT! We were also wondering what we'd see in her forthcoming MTV documentary, "Ke$ha: My Crazy, Beautiful Life," but now we're thinking it could totally be a how-to yoga series taught by the pop star herself! Plus, there should also be a full beard care and maintenance segment -- because it's still Ke$ha.

Photo credit: @iiswhoiis