Climb Aboard Cody Simpson's Tour Bus, Enjoy Cupcakes! (VIDEO)

Cody Simpson's tour bus has CODY SIMPSON AND CUPCAKES ON IT! We're sold!

Here's the thing about Cody Simpson: The dude is only 16 years old (we'll wait a couple years to publicly say he's cute... but... yeah), and yet, he's got a totally pimped-out tour bus, fully equipped with bunk beds, cool musician tech things we don't exactly know the name of, and best of all, an unlimited supply of cupcakes! Sadly, we didn't acquire this info via a one-on-one bonding sesh with Cody (rain check, bb?), but Cody did gave our pals at "10 on Top" a private tour of his mobile digs, and naturally, we've got a sneak peek right here.

Watch a sneak peek of Cody Simpson's "10 on Top" episode after the jump. 

Although we don't see much of Cody's "home away from home," we do see enough to know that it's probably nicer than about 77 percent of NYC's studio apartments (and maybe even some one bedrooms). To see even more of Cody's tour bus (plus close-up shots of his PERFECT HAIR), check out this Saturday's episode of "10 on Top," hosted by none other than Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (in case you needed reason #8575430 to tune in).

+ Watch a sneak peek of Cody Simpson's "10 on Top" episode.

Photo credit: MTV