New Song: Rihanna's 'Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix Featuring Theophilus London)' (NSFW)

Rihanna's "Jump" gets a remix from Theophilus London.

Rihanna's "Jump" gets the remix treatment from alt hip-hop rhymer Theophilus London.

We'll "jump" at the chance to listen to anything Rihanna (it's pun o'clock!), especially when it involves a reheat of Ginuwine's classic "Pony." So when we heard that "Jump," one of our fave tracks from Unapologetic, had been given the grindy, grimey remix treatment by Club Cheval and alt rapper (and PUSH alum) Theophilus London, we TURNT UP. And rest assured, Theophilus doesn't slack off on the already hot track -- in fact, we'd posit that he makes Rihanna's jam even better. We know that's a bold statement, but dude is already an EXPERT in bold statements (fashion or otherwise).

Listen to Rihanna's "Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix featuring Theophilus London)" after the jump.

The "Live Your Life" rapper spends most of the song flipping rhymes about his impeccable style: "I don't follow the trend/ the trend follow me, bruh," he raps of his worldly travels. "I'm in Nice getting nice with some freaks/ Hermes, bubble bath, so I'm feelin' freeesh," he says. He even quotes Rihanna herself: "Versace, chrome, we're shinin'/ Shine bright like a new diamond." (Seriously, EVERYONE likes that song.) While we totally get why Rihanna collabs with people like Future and A$AP Rocky, now we're officially rooting for a Theophilus/Rih duet with jarring, break-neck EDM remix action by French electro-dance unit Club Cheval. Here's why: She is coming out with her own fashion line, and Theophilus is perhaps one of the most stylish musicians, not just in hip-hop, but across all genres. So even if they don't hook up in the studio (look out for Theophilus' sophomore effort later in 2013), we can at least keep our fingers crossed that they collaborate on the runway. Check for that at New York Fashion Week 2014, we're calling it.

+ Listen to Rihanna's "Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix featuring Theophilus London)" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Club Cheval's Soundcloud